Sunrise at home 😊🌻😊

It is amazing how small details can influence so much your mood. In my case daffodils, it is like sun rose at home 😊

Daffodils for excellent mood 😊🌻

The soul of the traveler during Corona – times

Well, apparently it is hard for a traveler to keep the standards up, as they used to be “once upon a time”. No more care – free flights, bookings round the clock, back-pack always ready to go, etc.

After the first “waves” of fear and slight depression, however, one must move on and “fill” the gaps with new emotions, right?

My plan “B” actually revealed many features and talents I have never been aware of or thought I might possess.

First, it was all about cooking. Is there a girl left who has not discovered yet she actually enjoys this routine, at first glance absolutely incompatible with the traveler boho-lifestile activity?!?

Then came the home decoration and flowers obsession – I was literally buying at least one flower per week, obsessing over succulents published in Instagram and reading gardening articles at night.

One lead to another and I went deeper into interior design topics and “refurnished” my tiny home into boho-hygge style paradise, with more plants, cosy covers, personal touch and seasonal decoration.

Then, last but not least, with the festive mood around Christmas I actually discovered, all to my surprise and even though I was bad at arts at school, that I also have this deeply hidden artistic part. I made absolutely astonishing things – hand made decorations, cards and gifts for the loved ones.

In general, what I meant to say is that apart from all the bad changes this ugly situation brought, there are still some positive effects of the pandemy on our lives, most of all – the awakening of our creativity and ability to see beauty everywhere and rediscover our strengths.

I would love to hear what positive changes coronavirus brought to your life and personal growth. So leave me a comment down here and we can exchange ideas 🙂

My winter vacation

Taking a fresh breath (literally) away from the news that frustrate us on a daily basis is always a good idea, especially when fun is included ❄️😍⛷️❤️

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Jungle in the city

I must admit I was provoked by the beautiful fall outside to grab the camera and do my best shots. And I was not deluded, at all!

It is incredible how just over a night the city is completely transformed into a beautiful autumn fairytale – explosion of colors, casually scattered leaves here and there, magical silence and surprises over the corner.

Step by step, lead by my plants obsession, I decided to check out the shop to the Sofia University Botanical Garden for a new succulent for my personal collection. One lead to the other and I decided to finally check the garden itself. What – a – wonderful – IDEA!!!

At the very entrance I was received by the warm brace of the fall – quiet, patient, colorful! Classy!

What actually amazed me, though, was the incredible collection of over 1800 unique pieces of plants, grown and cared in their own habitual micro climate.

Joy for all senses! My eyes could not devour so much beauty, neither did my camera, absolutely stunning!

Rows of plants, carefully selected and cared! Amazing! Succulents, succulents, everywhere! The plants’ junkie inside me was delirious!

When I entered the Garden I couldn’t imagine that I would spend hours admiring this jungle!

One of my most favorite parts was definitely the tropical part where the temperature was 40 degrees Celsius and the humidity was exhausting! But all was totally worth it!

And last but not least, the soul of the garden – the Mediterranean belleza, typically cheerfully blue.

And green, very green… Olive tree, lemon tree, bougainvillea, all that beauty reminding me the liberty of the South of Europe, Italy, Spain, dolce vita…

In days of shadows, news difficult to digest and fear all this beauty charged me with amazing energy and positive vibes.

Hope you enjoy the photos and I could transmit a little part of my excitement of one forgotten gem hidden in the center of the city.

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